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The young people from 14 countries prepared the scale models for Pae recreation area of Lasnamäe


At the autumn courses of the engineering competitions of the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) in Tallinn University of Technology the students from 14 countries competed in the offer of the design solutions and construction of scale models for the parks planned to Pae recreation area of Lasnamäe which will be developed by Merko Ehitus.

The jury consisting of the representatives of Merko Ehitus, Tallinn City Planning Department and Environment Department and Lasnamäe City District Government chose the number 2 work “Pae poetry” of the team consisting of the students of Italy, Serbia and Estonia, the authors of which were Marija Maric, Ema Solic, Siim Bobkov and Armand Razik, the winner.

“The task put the analysis and cooperation capability, handwork and creativity of students well to the test and the results were very interesting,” Raigo Tõnisalu, the project manager of Merko Ehitus, said. “We got good ideas from all works – the winning work was the most professional, but also surely the most expensive and the real solution of Pae district will be created proceeding from the restrictions and requirements already earlier set by the City of Tallinn, real situation and needs. We are pleased that the students could put themselves to the test and realise their thoughts and create new contacts with the young people from abroad.”

BEST Estonia organises the autumn courses of BEST Engineering Competition since 2007. At the competition the European students of technology contest in solving both the theoretical and practical technical tasks. In addition to Merko Ehitus, the autumn course of BEST Estonia was supported by Saku Brewery, AS PKC Eesti and ABB AS.