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600 conscripts begin service at Tapa barracks, established by Merko Group


The construction work on the Tapa barracks established by AS Merko Ehitus Eesti and Tallinna Teede AS were delivered to the national Centre for Defence Investments in late September and conscripts have begun their military service in the buildings. These are the Defence Forces’ newest barracks, and provide the draftees with optimum conditions for housing and everyday life. The official opening of the barracks is scheduled for late October.

The new buildings at the Defence Forces base in Tapa consist of two four-storey buildings accommodating 300 people and boasting gross floor space of 5,240 m². In addition, roads and squares were established around the buildings. The cost of the construction works in November 2016 was over 7 million euros. The builders delivered the work to the customer on 22 and 29 September and the conscripts moved into the new barracks on 25 September and 2 October 2017.

Photos: Tapa barracks

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