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Architect Peeter Pere wins the annual award of the Union of Estonian Architects


4 December 2015. At a gala held at the Culture Hub in Tallinn, Peeter Pere was named the winner of the Estonian Union of Architects’ annual award for a private home and outbuildings in Tartu County. The 5,000-euro award was contributed by AS Merko Ehitus. The decision was made by one of Finland’s most acclaimed architects, Rainer Mahlamäki, who recently served as a panellist on the jury of the prestigious Aivar Aalto architecture competition.

Mahlamäki, an independent SAFA architect, said the components of the Peeter Pere design – bold, original and forward-looking architecture, challenging construction technology, a successful end result and many enjoyable details – added up to architectural work that was nearly flawless. “The concept of home in this solution broadens and takes on a dimension that speaks to how many different ways a modern person can live. This is an example of an Estonian house that deserves a prominent place on the map of contemporary architecture,” said Mahlamäki.

“Top-of-the-line architecture is the sum of visionary thinking and dialogue between different parties and professionalism in the implementation stage, and we could see this in Pere’s work,” added Mahlamäki. “For the same reasons, I would like to highlight another work among the works nominated – the villa on Lõuna Street in Pärnu, where the restoration and renovation has taken place in an awe-inspiring manner and the architect was Jaak Huimerind. Both of the homes mentioned show that the customer’s commitment is another requirement for high-level, exciting architecture.”

“Carrying out architects’ designs every day as we do, we are honoured to make our contribution to recognizing their work. The work of Peeter Pere, now picked by the international jury as the award winner, has created fine harmony between home and nature,” said AS Merko Ehitus management board member Tõnu Toomik.

The Estonian Union of Architects annual prize was handed out for the first time this year. The purpose of the competition is to highlight and recognize one outstanding work of architecture and the architect responsible for it. The award is supported by AS Merko Ehitus under a five-year cooperation agreement. The prize is awarded every year for works of architecture built and delivered during the period from January of the preceding year to 30 April of the current year.

The Union of Estonian Architects (, EAL) is an organization uniting architects, landscape architects and architecture historians and theorists. EAL was founded on 8 October 1921 and is the legal successor of the Estonian Architects Association, EAÜ. EAL’s main activity is to perform architectural analysis on specific properties as well as holding architecture competitions. EAL has 394 members, and its president since 2014 is Indrek Allmann.