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Apametsa I development projectTiskre village, Harku municipality, Harjumaa

AS Merko Ehitus is selling a plot at Nõmme tee 74, located opposite the Tiskre residential area in Harku parish at Tallinn’s city limits. The cadastral code is 19801:002:0962 and the area is 39,483 m². The property is zoned 100% as profit-yielding land.

Nõmme tee 74 land unit is right at Tallinn city limits, in Tiskre village in Harku municipality, Harju County.
The plot is bounded on the west by the Tallinn-Rannamõisa-Kloogaranna road and on the south by Nõmme tee street and a limestone cliff. To the north is the neighbouring plot, which is bounded by Liiva tee street and, on the north-western corner, Tallinn city boundary.

A detailed plan is pending at Harku Municipality Government, under which the land will be rezoned as commercial land. According to the detailed plan, the plot can be divided into two smaller commercial land immovables. The proposed right of superficies would allow up to 3-storey commercial building(s) to be constructed with a total footprint of 9,000 m² and gross area of up to 22,500 m². The solution envisioned in the detailed plan specifies a roundabout for Tallinn-Rannamõisa-Kloogaranna road, which will allow the planning area to be accessed smoothly.

The detailed plan envisions a commercial building with extensive floor space – a potential shopping and leisure centre – on Nõmme tee 74 and the neighbouring plot.

About 1.2 km to the west of the immovable is Kakumäe Bay, and about 2.3 km to the southeast is Harku Lake. To the south, Harku quarry is 2.5 km away.

Price: 350,000 EUR

Name of the project:
Apametsa I development project
Tiskre village, Harku municipality, Harjumaa

Sales info

Ardi Lossmann

Tel.: +372 5680 5107 / +372 680 5107