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Land plot at Lampedziu district in KaunasLampėdžių district in Kaunas

General information
Location of 4 land plots (sum: 0.6529 ha) in the Lampėdžių district in Kaunas:
0.3223 ha (Ežero str. 1D)
0.1124 ha (Batniavos str. 57)
0.114 ha (Batniavos str. 57A)
0.1042 ha (Batniavos str. 57B)

The territory is situated in the western area of Kaunas City near the Lampėdis lake and Nemunas River. The territory is suitable for commercial or residential construction. A detailed plan of the territory has been approved. Existing land purpose-commercial.

Territory Development Alternative
Commercial – residential building
Total possible general building area 8,800 m²: commerce – 4,450 m² (51%), residential area – 4,350 m m² (49%)
Maximum building height 3 floors
Building intensity 135 %

  • The territory is situated in the west part of Kaunas City near Lampėdis lake and Nemunas River
  • The territory suitable for commercial building or residential building
  • Detailed plan of territory is approved. Existing land purpose-commercial.
  • The territory could be developed in stages
  • Territory development possibility: building intensity – 1,35 , maximum building high- 3 floors
    Valid detailed plan for territory, land purpose-commercial territory

Price upon request

Name of the project:
Land plot at Lampedziu district in Kaunas
Lampėdžių district in Kaunas

Sales info

Saulius Putrimas

Tel.: +370 5 2105 330 / +370 682 34742