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Territory in JŪRININKŲ Av. 16 in KlaipédaJūrininkų av. 16, Klaipėda

General information
Real estate location: a territory of 0.9496 ha in Jūrininkų av. 16 in Klaipėda (cadastral Nr. 2101-0008-0253) in a very populous, southern area of Klaipėda near two busy streets. The multifunctional territory is suitable for commercial and residential purposes, Jūrininkų av. is one of the main Klaipėda roads and is often used to reach its international ferry service.

Land purpose – residential construction. A detailed plan of the territory is approved and the territory could be developed in stages.

Territory Development Alternatives
Parking-lot: the parking-lot is situated in the peripheral residential district of Klaipėda:
Number of parking spaces 400
Monthly rent payment per car 100 Lt per place (29 EUR)
Max possible revenues per year 480,000 Lt (139,000 EUR)
Max EBDIT per year 350,000 Lt (100,000 EUR)
Occupancy rate 40 % (parking activity started on 01.03.2011)

The parking area is surrounded by blocks of flats on 3 sides. There are about 11 houses (potential clients) in the nearby area. Residents park their cars near the blocks – an extremely small area, or along the roadway. The area of the parking-lot is 9,754.2 m² – 400 parking spaces. There is a gatehouse (8.12 m²) on the territory of the parking-lot; the parking is paved with asphalt. Parking activity was started on 01.03.2011. The operator – a special purpose entity, UAB Jurininku aikštelė (a
subsidiary 100% owned by UAB Merko Statyba, Merko group).

Approved detailed plan of the territory: Residential premises
Total possible building area 16,100 m²
Maximum building height 70 m
Density of construction 100 %
Intensity of construction 170 %

• The territory is situated in very populous, south part area of Klaipėda City near two busy streets
• Multifunctional territory is suitable for commercial and residential purpose
• Detailed plan of territory is approved. Land purpose – residential construction
• The territory could be developed in stages
• Territory development possibility: building intensity-1,7, maximum 70 meters high building
• Valid detailed plan for territory, land purpose-dwelling territory

Price upon request

Name of the project:
Territory in JŪRININKŲ Av. 16 in Klaipéda
Jūrininkų av. 16, Klaipėda

Sales info

Saulius Putrimas

Tel.: +370 5 2105 330 / +370 682 34742