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Ülemiste development projectValukoja 24, 26, 35, Tallinn

Merko Ehitus AS is selling the Valukoja street immovables in the Ülemiste development area of the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn: Immovable at Valukoja 24, cadastral code 78403:315:2680, 20,095 m²; Valukoja 26, cadastral code 78403:315:2670, 15 433 m² and Valukoja 35, cadastral code 78403:315:2730, 2354 m². The immovables are zoned as commercial and production land.

The Ülemiste development area is located in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn’s city centre, in land situated between Tallinn Airport and Suur-Sõjamäe street. The three immovables in the development – Valukoja 24, Valukoja 26 and Valukoja 35 – with a total area of 37,822 m² are home to an unbuilt-up area of the former Dvigatel plant’s territory, on the east side of Ülemiste City. To the south of the plots is Tallinn Airport. The logistical advantage of the development area is the good access to all arterial roads and ports.

The current detailed plans allow up to 5-storey production and warehouse buildings or commercial floor space to be built on the immovables. Under the detailed plan, this is an area with open streets, access from Suur-Sõjamäe street via Kesk-Sõjamäe or Lõõtsa street.

Connection points for water supply, sewerage and storm water drainage and gas lines have been established up to the property lines. Dvigatel Energeetika AS will undertake to complete the power lines within four months of receiving a written application. The term of the construction would be two months and the power supply during construction would be at least 3x300A.

In the same Ülemiste development area, Merko is also offering long-term lease or sale of production, warehouse or commercial buildings to be developed according to your needs, including the land; or sale of the land.

Consolidated plan of immovables

Price: 80 EUR/m²

Name of the project:
Ülemiste development project
Valukoja 24, 26, 35, Tallinn


Ardi Lossmann

Tel.: +372 5680 5107 / +372 680 5107