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Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss picked as architect of the Noblessner residential district being developed by BLRT and Merko


The architectural design office Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss and their entry entitled “Kodusadam” (Home Port) won the international restricted architecture competition organized by BLRT and Merko for developing an architectural solution to the Noblessner residential quarter. The Noblessner quarter, an historically prestigious area that keeps on developing, will be the site of a unique apartment development that will result in four apartment buildings with office space built right on the seashore next to the Noblessner marina. The construction of the first building will start in late 2015 and it is scheduled for completion in spring 2017.

“Even though it was a restricted invitation to architecture competition, I’m glad to say that the representative sample of the architectural design offices that got the nod – local bureaux and colleagues from Finland, Sweden and Denmark – ensured a high-calibre result. The task confronting the jury was not the easiest – when I came to the last meeting, I didn’t yet have any idea which of the entries I preferred, to say nothing of arriving at a unanimous decision. Understandably, great weight was placed on how the architects dealt with the space between buildings, as the competition area encompassed both the new Adam Johann von Krusenstern square and part of the seaside promenade. I am certain that Tallinn has taken a major step closer to reinforcing its identity as a maritime city,” said one jury member, Tallinn City Planning Department deputy director and the city’s main architect, Endrik Mänd.

“It was a pleasure to take part in so high a level of international architecture competition. We made a pedestrian-friendly city space our priority, supported by family-oriented, innovative and quality architecture,” said the architect Indrek Allmann.

The design of the winning entry from Arhitektuuribüroo Pluss, Kodusadam (Home Port) centres on a people-friendly environment. The residential quarter’s various plazas, play and recreational areas and openness to the sea offer people of different ages activities and space. The public area of the residential quarter offers various opportunities for outdoor events. Privacy of local residents is safeguarded by interior courtyards, so that the entrances to them are concealed from both unwelcome stares and winds. In order to ensure the apartments have the best possible views of the surroundings, all of them have a window along the building’s street perimeter. All apartments also have a glassed-in balcony. The structure and segmentation scheme used in the building’s facades follow the typology of architecture in Dutch seaside towns.

People are placed first in developing the entire area, and the focus is on open possibilities for living, accessibility and activities. Simultaneously with the residential quarter, BLRT is developing an historical Yacht Club with a restaurant and additional functions and the Foundry next door is becoming a multifunctional cultural centre.

The Noblessner residential complex will have four apartment buildings at the addresses Staapli 3, 4, 8 and 12, and will have 200 apartments total, the commercial space will be located on the street level and the parking areas and storage rooms will be on the underground levels. Kalaranna Arenduse OÜ – a joint venture between AS Merko Ehitus and BLRT Grupp AS – is the developer of the 1.7 hectare area.

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