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Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket, built by Merko Ehitus, was opened


On 11 October, Lasnamäe Prisma hypermarket, constructed by AS Merko Ehitus and with 11 300 m2 of gross area, was opened in the Mustakivi business district.

AS Prisma Peremarket was the client and the development company Häuser-Oberschneider was in charge of the development of the building which now boasts 7000 m2 of sales space for food and consumer products. A parking lot with 600 parking spaces was also constructed next to the building. The cost of construction was more than 100 million EEK.

Veiko Sumre, project manager at Merko Ehitus, says that the biggest challenge in the process of construction was to guarantee that the Prisma hypermarket would be opened on time as there was labour shortage. Sumre expressed his satisfaction that despite the current complicated state of the construction market they managed to finish as planned.

Raul Ojala, project director of Merko Ehitus, says that this was as a very labour-intensive project because, even before construction could begin, tens of thousands of cubic metres of soil had to be removed from the boggy ground. “Thanks to the smooth co-operation with our partners we managed to overcome the various difficulties and finish the building on time,” Ojala added.