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Ethical business practices – old


AS Merko Ehitus, its subsidiary entities and associates (the “Merko”) has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of corruption. Our commitment in doing business with integrity means avoiding corruption in any form, including bribery, and complying with the anti-corruption laws of every country in which we operate. Merko is committed to conducting its business and affairs so as to ensure that it does not engage in, or facilitate, any form of corruption.


Ethical business operations are a key to our success. By complying with high ethical principles we promote profitable growth, increase our stakeholders’ trust and support fair competition and equality.

Our ethical principles guide our operations in all countries, throughout our organisation. We require that our employees are familiar with the principles and guidelines, and comply with them in their daily activities.

The code of business ethics includes, among other things, our guidelines on the following matters:

Suspected misconducts are investigated without delay

If an employee observes any misconduct, then he/she should primarily report it to a line manager or the management board member of the relevant entity, who has the responsibility to report the misconduct to the Merko Audit Committee.

Each suspected misconduct will be investigated carefully and without delay, and will lead to appropriate action.