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The winner of Firmaband 2013 was the Company Band Merko Ehitus Eesti “Ma Sulle Ehitan” (I will build for you)


On Saturday, 20th April in Rock Café took place the finals of the competition organized for the third year running “Firmaband 2013” (Company Band 2013). In the finals competed nine bands. The wictory was taken this time by Merko Ehitus Estonia band “Ma Sulle Ehitan.” The Law Firm Sorainen’s band named Sh*itLoadOfTalent came in second place and third place was awarded to the band SSB (Saarioinen/Cutrico Hair/ Sveiger).

“The win was a complete surprise. We of course, were hoping to win, otherwise why would we want to compete? Yet, it was a big surprise,” said the members of the band “Ma Sulle Ehitan”. The jury decided that Ma Sulle Ehitan was the chicest band of the night – after all, the men went on stage wearing correct white shirts, dress pants, bow ties and braces.

There was also SMS voting, as a result of which was chosen the favourite of the audience. This year, the band “Ma Sulle Ehitan” made a golden double and won also the Audience Choice Award. The funds from SMS-voting will support the student entrepreneurship program. The three concerts raised over 1000 euro.

The top three prizes were a box of Tuborg beer, a box of mineral water Vitamin Well and the option to choose a performance with a well known band or artist: the options included Terminaator, Singer Vinger, Ott Lepland, Koit Toome, Smilers, Tanel Padar & the Sun and Shanon.