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Logistika Pluss to open Merko-constructed modern and energy-efficient Nurmevälja logistics centre


Today one of the largest warehouse operators in Estonia, Logistika Pluss, will open the new modern Nurmevälja logistics centre, which will allow trade volumes to be increased and, thanks to warehouses that meet specific conditions, offer new services. The logistical centre, with 23,000 square-metres of gross floor space, will produce part of its energy from solar panels. The centre’s construction work was performed by Estonia’s leading construction company, Merko Ehitus Eesti, over nine months.

“The company had outgrown its 15,000 square metre building and other leased space, as a result of which a decision was made several years ago to start design and planning of the new building. In the course of the design, we have further improved the lighting systems, and installed more sensors. The new warehouse is longer and wider. The decision to cover the southern side of the building with solar panels is a new feature in the project – in other words, we will start generating power ourselves,” said Logistika Pluss OÜ director Toomas Orutar.

“Aside from its modernity and energy efficiency, Nurmevälja logistics centre is special in that it is built into a limestone subsurface and, compared to conventional logistical centres, more attention has been devoted to the architectural solutions. With on-schedule construction and on-time delivery of the final work, we are glad to be able to make our contribution to developing and growing our customer’s business,” said Merko Ehitus Eesti’s general construction division director Tarmo Pohlak.

The novel technological solutions used at the logistics centre will allow – to a greater extent than before – work to be automated, errors minimized and significantly greater trade volumes serviced in the same area. The new centre will also ensure security of goods with regard to fire, water and theft. The greatest risk areas of the warehouses – technical utility spaces and battery loading points – are divided into fire compartmentation sections and equipped with barriers to localize smoke and heat. To prevent losses from theft, the state of the art in video and technical surveillance systems is used.

The centre’s energy efficiency is ensured by the heating system, which allows use of whichever fuel is lowest in cost at a given moment. Solar panels will be in parallel use for generating energy. The automated systems will also check the centre’s lighting and provide a way of administering the building from the outside. Waste management will rely on on-site waste sorting, which in principle has allowed waste handling expenses to be turned into income.

Nurmevälja logistics centre encompasses a logistics centre with a gross area of 23,000 square metres, besides warehouse space, also manufacturing space contingent on special requirements, office, conference rooms, technical utility systems and other spaces. The centre, located in Iru, will employ a workforce of nearly 170 people.