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Merko commences construction work on Vaivara Village’s public water supply and sewerage infrastructure


Merko has been contracted by AS KA VAIKO to build the public water works and sewerage infrastructure in Vaivara Village. A total of 6 km of pipeline will be laid, four wastewater pumping stations and one wastewater treatment facility will be installed, and an existing water treatment plant will be renovated. The works, to be completed in November this year, will mean that 140 consumers will have access to drinking water that meets the quality requirements and waste water will also be collected and treated as required.

KA Vaiko AS management board member Heiki Luts: “The residents of Vaivara Village have long been waiting for the establishment of a public water works and sewerage system in their settlement. The first sketch project was drafted back in 2003, but due to various circumstances, the most important being the prioritization of activities in the Vaivara Municipality public water works and sewerage infrastructure development and the fact that interim activities to restore the fire-damaged Sinimäe School took precedence, we could only carry out construction and hook up homes to the new system this year. As a result of the works, villagers will have quality drinking water and, no less important, the pollution load on Sõtke River will drop.”

“Many have asked recently how much joining the public water works and sewerage infrastructure will cost. I’ve replied that we’ve followed the logic for years that getting hooked up to the system during the construction period or a year after the pipeline construction work has been free, and that is the principle we will follow for Vaivara Village. The connection point is generally 1 metre beyond the homeowner’s property line. It should be noted for purposes of clarity that everything past the connection point and the pipes running within the property are expenses the property owner bears, including during the construction period. We have had previous experience working with Merko in the Olgina water resources management project and we believe everything will go smoothly this time, too,” added Luts.

Under the contract signed between AS Merko Infra, AS Merko Ehitus Eesti and AS KA VAIKO, Merko ’s task in Vaivara Village, Ida-Viru County will involve laying 2.7 km of water pipeline, 2.4 km of downstream sewerage pipeline, 1.3 km of pressurized sewerage pipeline, construction of 4 wastewater pumping stations and a new wastewater treatment plant. An existing water treatment plant will be renovated. The objective of the works is to provide, at the connection point, the required quality of drinking water to 140 consumers as well as collect and treat wastewater generated. The construction works will start in March 2017 and wind up in November 2017.