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Merko completes residential project at Tartu mnt 52 in Tallinn; over 400 apartments under construction and several major projects in development


Merko has completed the residential quarter at the Tallinn address Tartu mnt 52, consisting of five residential buildings, an interior courtyard between them and an underground parking lot connecting them. Over 80% of the 185 apartments have found a buyer, and most have been delivered to the new homeowners. Merko currently has over 400 apartments under construction in the Noblessner and Paepargi projects in Tallinn, with a 300-apartment project in Haabersti and projects in the city centre and Maarjamäe totalling approximately 3,000 apartments.

“Tartu mnt 52 is a unique real estate development in the centre of Tallinn – instead of a single building, we built an entire new residential quarter connected by a two-level underground parking garage and an interior courtyard shared by the five buildings, with lighting and varied landscaping features,” said Irina Piirmets, Merko Ehitus Eesti’s sales director. “Thanks to the integral development of the quarter, it offers both apartments with a city view along a main city artery, Tartu maantee, and cosier flats in the buildings facing the interior courtyard. The apartments have glass-enclosed balconies and some of the flats have terraces opening over the courtyard, which is rather exceptional for Tallinn’s city centre.

“Due to the city centre location, we have paid special attention to the acoustics in the building,” Piirmets added. Energy performance is ensured by hydronic floor heating and heat-recovery ventilation. The apartment buildings were designed by architect Martin Aunin and the interior finishing packages are by interior architects Eerik Olle and Ahti Peetersoo.

Director of Merko Ehitus Eesti’s real estate development division, Tiit Kuusik, said, “Merko is focusing on bigger projects in its apartment development activities, so we can shape a full living environment instead of a single building. When you’re buying a home, the surrounding environment and the services it offers are becoming increasingly important attributes besides a high-quality apartment.” Kuusik gave an overview of the current status of projects: “Of our bigger projects in recent years, today the Tartu mnt 52 residential quarter is now completed. The development at Noblessner Home Port with its 200 flats is in development, and the first of the buildings – Estonia’s apartment building closest to the sea – will be ready by year’s end, along with 200 apartments in the buildings in various phases of the Paepargi project. We have established hundreds of homes in Paepark and created a well-groomed park area with a pond, recreational and ski trails, a pedestrian bridge, and playgrounds and rest areas. We have three major projects in the development phase: the Pikaliiva development area in Haabersti with 300 future apartments, Veerenni in the city centre and the Lahekalda development area on the limestone escarpment overlooking the sea in Maarjamäe. The last-mentioned two are projects that have a longer perspective, where we can develop approximately 3,000 new apartments.”