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Merko Ehitus continues sponsoring Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture energy performance professorship


The Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture opened an energy performance professorship in the autumn in cooperation with Merko Ehitus. This academic year will see the cooperation continue, with Austrian architect and top energy performance expert Bernhard Sommer and energy design lecturer Galo Moncayo teaching in the Architecture and Urban Design Department during the semester now under way.

In speaking about the energy performance professorship, the Faculty of Architecture dean Andres Ojari said cooperation with Merko will allow the best and most contemporary international knowledge in the field of energy performance to be brought to Estonia. “Continuity is of critical importance in academic activity, which is why we have a particularly high appreciation for the possibility of continuing the relationship with Professor Sommer for a second year in a row thanks to Merko support. In this manner, we hope to bring top knowledge to students, deepening the ability and acumen to think about energy performance in the early phase of designing a building. Energy performance is such an important topic at our latitude that it can’t just be merely an engineering application. The ability to take into account all conceivable parameters and variables that affect the energy performance of a building should be part of the arsenal of every architect who graduates from the Academy,” said Ojari.

“Merko Ehitus has decided to support the teaching of students in the Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture this academic year as well. As the series of lectures in the energy performance professorship was a success last academic year, we decided to continue the same programme with the same faculty members,” said Merko Ehitus management board member Tõnu Toomik.

Energy performance is dealt with in the third year of studies in the architecture department at the Academy. In the autumn semester, students under the guidance of Professor Sommer will acquire basic skills and knowledge in using digital tools regarding the theoretical reference system, while in the spring students will apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired by being engaged in planning energy performance in a public building.