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Merko Ehitus completed the traffic knot of Puurmani


Merko Ehitus finished the construction of the traffic knot of Puurmani ordered by the Road Administration for making the road of Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa safer to replace the narrow bridge built approximately half a century ago which is located between the crossroads in the area of limited visibility.

The first stage of the project started on 15 November 2006 and in the course of this the 67-metre arched bridge with two lanes was built on the River Pedja, Tiit Joosti, the project manager of Merko Ehitus told. Tartu road on 1.8-km section was taken to the new utility line and in addition to the main utility line 1.9 kilometres of new entry and exit slip roads and light traffic roads were constructed in the traffic knot. Also, the two-level crossroad for the entrance of Puurmani was established for making it safer.

“The people coming from Tallinn should no more make the left turn across the side opposite to that appropriate to the direction of traffic, but they are directed through the new exit slip road under the viaduct,” Joosti explained. Also, the outdoor lighting with 130 lights with the relevant power lines and substations were installed to the traffic knot.

The reconstruction works of the old bridge will be finished in the course of II stage of the project in summer 2008.

The author of the project documentation was AS Teede Tehnokeskus, the construction supervision was carried out by AS Teede Tehnokeskus, AS Telora-E and AS Taalri Varahaldus.