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Merko Ehitus renovates the high voltage substations


AS Merko Ehitus, having made the most favourable tender, concluded yesterday the contract with OÜ Põhivõrk Keila for the renovation of the 110 kV substation for 70,8 million kroons.

“Merko Ehitus has compiled the competent team which is able to offer the so-called “turnkey” solution regarding the high voltage substations, beginning from the planning of the substation up to the adjustment,” Veljo Viitmann, member of the management board of Merko Ehitus, said. “As a result of these projects the electricity networks and the supply of persons with electricity become more stable in these places where the overage substations have caused problems up to now”.

Merko Ehitus as the main contractor has established the substation near Viru-Nigula wind farm in January last year and in May 2007 Ülejõe substation was given over to the client in Tartu.

At the same time the company is currently handling the renovation of Ülemiste substation, reconstruction of Aseri substation and construction of Aulepa substation.

The renovation works of Keila substation completed in 1974 involve the supply of all necessary materials, supply, mounting, adjustment and launching of the construction and equipment. The deadline of the renovation works of the substation is 30 November 2009.