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Merko completes much-anticipated Peetri Selver construction work


After a short period of construction, Merko Ehitus Eesti completed work on the Peetri Selver centre and the supermarket, eagerly awaited by local residents, opened today.

“As the construction work was planned for a very short period, it was especially important that each work segment be completed on time so that an individual subcontract would not affect the final deadline for the entire site. Thanks to our efficient team and good, constructive cooperation with the customer, we succeeded in meeting the goal with room to spare and Selver could open its new location for its customers at the right time,” said Merko Ehitus Eesti project manager Aimar Läänaru.

“It happens only rarely that potential customers inquire as to the completion date of a store for years before construction starts,” said the director of the Selver chain, Andres Heinver, calling it one of the most anticipated Selver locations in its 18 years of operation. “The store will benefit locals but also make life easier for people who often use the Tallinn-Tartu highway. The store is conveniently on the right side for people driving out of Tallinn.”

“The report on the geotechnical site investigation conducted in the pre-construction period stated that the water table could rise up to half a metre in a certain period. Actually the water table did not rise that high during construction and no major obstacles occurred. At times, ground water did have to be pumped out,” said Läänaru.

The construction was preceded by timber cutting, soil stripping, breaking up limestone and excavation – all performed in March 2013. Merko Ehitus Eesti’s contract included the construction of the Peetri Selver store and auxiliary technical utility systems: ventilation, cooling, heating, gas boiler plant, water supply, sewerage, strong and weak current installations. The building has a shallow foundation, with the posts and beams of reinforced concrete, and the roof girders made of steel. The office features modular hollow panel ceilings, and the roof is based on weight-bearing profile strips while the external walls are made of lightweight masonry panel.

Peetri Selver has close to 6,000 square metres of floor space, of which 3,000 square metres is the retail space. Besides Selver, the centre has a Hesburger and Subway, a Coffee In, a pharmacy, florist, pet store, beauty salon, post office and parcel machines, organic store, dry cleaning and a shoe repair outlet. A new Neste self-service filling station is located next to the centre.

The Selver chain, based on Estonian capital, currently includes 42 supermarkets and hypermarkets, one gourmet store and a subsidiary that handles production of hot food. The company employs over 2,300 people. The chain is part of the publicly listed Tallinna Kaubamaja group and the customer for the Peetri Selver construction is AS Tallinna Kaubamaja Kinnisvara.