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Merko: Tallegg’s Tabasalu factory farm is a good example of how private sector orders have picked up


The renovation work and addition built on to Tallegg’s Tabasalu factory farm opened today are a good example of the recent upturn in demand from the private sector, according to Merko. From now on, the Tabasalu plant will be the hub for all of Tallegg’s meat processing operations, allowing the company to double its output. According to Merko Infra, which performed the construction and renovations, the process was made more complicated by the fact that the work had to be done in and around a production complex that continued daily operations during construction.

“For Merko, the Tallegg production building is important for a number of reasons. Besides the completion of the successful construction process, it is a good example of recently more active private sector customers, who are investing into developing their business,” said chairman of the Merko Ehitus Eesti management board, Tiit Roben.

“The renovation of part of the Tabasalu plant and construction of the addition were rendered complicated in the construction sense by the fact that the existing complex continued to operate throughout the construction process. Thus the renovation of the various parts of the existing production building and the construction of the new factory building had to be carefully thought through and planned in the sense of production and construction as a whole so that both could go off without a hitch. Tallegg is a very professional customer and partner in cooperation, and thanks to that, the construction process went smoothly,” said member of the management board of Merko Infra, Tarmo Pohlak.

According to chairman of the management board of Tallegg, Teet Soorm, it was critically important to have a trustworthy construction partner on the Tallegg factory farm renovation project. “We’re glad to be able to say that with the help of Merko Infra, we were able to avoid any and all delivery problems during the construction period and we were also able to continue to continue our regular production rhythm. Our factory team is very satisfied with our new work areas and break room facilities,” said Soorm.

The renovation work performed by Merko Infra in the existing areas in the Tallegg complex encompassed 1,800 m² while the construction of the addition added 5,000 m² of space.

Merko Infra is a subsidiary of Estonia’s leading construction company, AS Merko Ehitus Eesti. Merko Ehitus Eesti ( performs general construction, engineering, electrical and residential construction work. The company belongs to the Merko Ehitus group, which is listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange.

AS Tallegg ( is Estonia’s only major poultry producer. Its predecessor, Tallinna Linnuvabrik, was launched in 1956. Tallegg is part of the HKScan group, one of Northern Europe’s leading food processing companies, with home markets in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics and Poland. HKScan Group’s 2012 net sales amounted to 2.5 billion euros and the group had approximately 11,000 employees.