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Merko Completed the Construction of 110 kV Substation for Viru-Nigula Wind Turbine Park


Merko Ehitus completed the construction of 110 kV substation for Viru-Nigula wind turbine park, consisting of project design, building, installation and commissioning works and building of an operation centre. This was the first high-tension substation, built by Merko Ehitus as a general contractor.

3.1 km of 110 kV overhead transmission lines were built during the construction of the substation; operation centre fitted with operation devices and 110 kV switch yard were constructed. Protection relays and automated devices, manufactured by Austrian company Sprecher, were used to built the substation for the first time in Estonia.

After this experience of offering the “package deal” – complete with project design, systems planning, building, commissioning and supplying, Merko is now boasting with a competent team, definitely taking on the building of substations in the future,’ said Mr. Boris Tehnikov, Head of Electricity Contracting Department of Merko Ehitus. According to Mr. Tehnikov, the building process was made more complicated by the fact that the sub-station is required to operate in unison with two other wind turbine park substations, built simultaneously, and therefore the working phases of two substations required consistent coordination efforts. ‘Smooth cooperation with both AS Empower and Põhivõrk OÜ, contracting for the substation, all the problems were solved as they emerged,’ said Mr. Tehnikov.

Mr. Jossif Sinivee, Project Manager of OÜ Põhivõrk, subsidiary of Eesti Energia, that contract for the substation, said that the quality of building works meets the requirements and Merko has the potential required for the participation in future public procurement competitions, organised by OÜ Põhivõrk.

Designing of the substation was started in autumn 2005; building process was launched in May 2006 while the substation was energised in December 2006. The total price of the building of 110 kV substation for Viru-Nigula wind turbine park was 18.7 million kroons. The substation was built to supply eight 3 MW wind turbines of the wind park.
Formal signing of the deed of transfer took place on January 30 in Viru-Nigula.