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Merko’s 2014 scholarships went to the Chair of Heating and Ventilation, Tallinn University of Technology


In 2014, the scholarships awarded by the leading Estonian construction company Merko Ehitus Eesti in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund were awarded to the TUT Chair of Heating and Ventilation. A 3,200-euro young scientist scholarship went to the Head of the Chair, Professor Hendrik Voll, and a 1,920-euro engineering scholarship went to fourth-year student Jakov Ivanov. Applications were submitted by nine students and two young scientists or faculty members this year.

Hendrik Voll has done excellent work to popularise his speciality and to retain a place for it in the university. In addition to finding new students, he has contributed to improving the content and quality of their education. Voll has co-authored a textbook on the energy consumption and indoor climate of buildings, which is used by almost all universities in Estonia and is a helpful source for many designers and consultants in the field. He has developed innovative courses and helped modernise the curriculum of the Chair. At Voll’s initiative, a unique laboratory for analysing solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation has been created and preparations are under way for a new ventilation laboratory at MEKTORY. Voll has authored a number of high-quality scientific publications, and he is an esteemed colleague and teacher.

Jakov Ivanov is a fourth-year student in heating and ventilation, who aims to complete his studies before the end of the nominal study period. Alongside his everyday studies, Jakov has been assisting doctoral students in their research, participated in BUILDT workshops and learned BIM. He is active in music and sports as well as taking an interest in photography and philosophy.

The 2014 Merko Ehitus Eesti scholarships were presented at a ceremony in TUT on 26 November.

Merko has had a successful relationship with the Tallinn University of Technology since 2007, the goal being to promote specialized education and provide encouragement to the rising generation of professionals. Master’s degree scholarships have been awarded with support from the company, and Merko has also contributed to the awarding of the Professor Heinrich Laul Scholarship for young academic staff. Merko Ehitus Eesti’s agreement on the young scientist/teaching staff and civil engineering student scholarships signed in November 2013 runs until 2016. For more information: