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New Maxima XX supermarket to be opened in Lasnamäe district on Thursday


Thursday, December 11th will see the opening of a new Maxima XX supermarket in the Paepargi residential community in Tallinn’s Lasnamäe district – a store with 1,715 square metres of retail space that will create about 100 new jobs.

Maxima Estonia’s managing director Vaidotas Pacesa notes the new supermarket is in a very convenient location logistically, and among other advantages it is easily accessible from Laagna tee, an arterial route through the district. “The location of the Paepargi Maxima XX can easily be accessed by the current area residents and those moving into the new Paepargi residential community, which continues to develop,” he said.

Floor space at Paepargi Maxima XX supermarket is 1,715 square metres. The product selection boasts 20,000 different products. The two-storey shopping centre at Paepargi 57 was built by AS Merko Ehitus Eesti, and the building’s enclosed net area is about 2,900 square metres. Various smaller retail and service spaces are also located in the Maxima-anchored building: a pharmacy, pet store and pizzeria.

Besides the shopping centre building, Merko Ehitus built the adjoining parking lot with lighting and landscaping. The construction started in April of this year and was completed in November.