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Connection of Osula Energia OÜ to Sõmerpalu substationSõmerpalu, Sõmerpalu parish, Võrumaa

The renovation of the 110/10kV substation in Sõmerpalu was occasioned by OÜ Osula Energia’s desire to connect to the power grid at 110kV voltage. As the old substation did not enable this, the entire 110 kV switchgear had to be renovated and a new control building built. The works took place in several stages as the new substation had to be built to replace the still operational old substation without posing inconvenience to consumers. Considering the fact that the delivery of key equipment took 6 months of time and the equipment had to be connected only 7 months after the signing of the contract, it was clear the first stage of the project would be extremely intense. Both first stage of the work and subsequent ones were delivered to the customer on time. By the end of the project, a modern substation with five 110kV cells was completed along with new control, auxiliary and control systems.

Elering AS
Name of the project:
Connection of Osula Energia OÜ to Sõmerpalu substation
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Merko Inrfa AS/Raamprojekt OÜ
Description of work:
Sõmerpalu, Sõmerpalu parish, Võrumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Renovation of switchgear with 110 kV air insulation