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Electrical heating system of Enefit-280 condensation areaAuvere, Vaivara, Ida-Virumaa

The Enefit-280 shale oil plant is more energy efficient, reliable and more powerful than the last one. The condensation area’s electrical heating system is part of the new generation technology and was developed in cooperation with international engineering companies Neste Jacobs and Tyco Rychem. The Enefit-280 technology based plant’s condensation area has pipes and equipment that are heated electrically in a wide range of conditions; thus Merko handled the design phase completely, and installed and configured two large circuit boxes. The junction boxes consisted of controllers, of which there were more than 1,000. The various technological pipes and equipment were heated to different temperatures during various times and for this purpose, over 20 km of various electrical heating cables were installed. We used polymer and mineral insulated cables made by TycoRychem. The complexity of the system lay in the fact that the condensation area was very large and the amount of ordinary cables used to supply power to the cables exceeded 100 km. The construction work included design, production, and configuration of the controllers’ junction boxes, installation of sensors, executing the ducts for the electrical cables and installation of heating cables.

Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS (Eesti Energia Oil Industry)
Name of the project:
Electrical heating system of Enefit-280 condensation area
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
NesteJacobs / Tyco Rychem
Description of work:
New building
Auvere, Vaivara, Ida-Virumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Electrical heating system of technological pipes and containers of condensation area