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Elva waste water treatment plantElva, Tartumaa

A new environmentally friendly waste water treatment centre will make it possible for more than 6,000 residents of the city of Elva and small town of Käärdi to join a modern waste water treatment centre. The new centre will treat waste water from the entire area and handle waste water sediments, which will result in a greatly reduced environmental risk as well as decreased risk of the waste water from the area entering the natural environment. The new waste water treatment facility has a capacity of 1,600 m³/d and 90 m³/h and has a pollution load of 11,000 ie; it operates on the basis of the activated sludge process in a sequencing batch reactor, it is fully automated and can be remote-tracked and remote-controlled using computer and communication equipment. In addition, an automated HUBER microscreen – along with a grit trap and skimmer – was installed for mechanical treatment, the capacity of the filter is 234 m³/h (65 l/s). Technical equipment installed include 4 AERZEN blowers, 2 decanter overflow devices, 2 Seepex screw pumps, 2 drainage pumps, 2 chemical pumps, 6 mixers and 600 aerator elements in the process tanks. For the purpose of sludge treatment, a sludge centrifuge and polymer manufacture equipment were installed. A ventilation system, electrical and automated equipment was installed in the treatment plant building.

AS Emajõe Veevärk
Name of the project:
Elva waste water treatment plant
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Water treatment
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Elva, Tartumaa
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The new waste water treatment facility has a capacity of 1,600 m³/d and 90 m³/h and a pollution load of 11,000 ie