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Enefit 280 pipe bridge for Eesti Energia Oil IndustryAuvere village, Vaivara, Ida-Virumaa

The Enefit 280 pipe bridge is a support structure for a gas and liquid fuel main pipeline. 1/6 of the total volume of the pipe trestle foundations was formed by a pile cap on piles, the rest of the foundations rest on suppor- ting limestone layers 0.7-2.0 metres deep. For the part of pipe trestle close to the railway, additional foundations on micro piles were designed. The organization of work on the site was not easy because work had to be done in confined conditions side by side with other contractors. One of the most significant parts of the work was the steel constructions with the total volume of 540 tons.

Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS (Eesti Energia Oil Industry)
Name of the project:
Enefit 280 pipe bridge for Eesti Energia Oil Industry
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Description of work:
New building
Auvere village, Vaivara, Ida-Virumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Length 650 jm