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Gaiļezers residential complex, stage ILīduma str, Gaiļezera str, Hipokrāta str, Riga

The apartment development project ‘Gaiļezers Houses’ in the Mežciems region of Riga includes construction of six nine-storey apartment houses with 192 apartments in the area between the streets of Līduma, Gaiļezera and Hipokrāta. Apartments will be put into operation with full finish. Residential floors of apartment houses will be placed from second till ninth floor with two, three and four room apartments. The technical support rooms, utility rooms for inhabitants and closed parking lot with space for 72 cars will be placed at the first floor of apartment houses. Territory also will have place of outdoor parking lot for 149 cars.

In the first stage, three 9-storey buildings will be completed on the shore of Lake Gailezers, surrounded by parking places, green zone, trees and walkways. The first stage of the Gaiļezers development project includes a total of 96 2–4-room apartments with an area from 60 to 104 square metres. The apartments have spacious balconies and well-planned layouts. Storage rooms are located on the first floor of the building and parking places are located around the houses. Security is ensured by separate entrances, video door phone systems, and security cameras on the roof of the buildings.

Apartment houses are located on the shore of lake Gailezers. Providing residents of well maintained environment and pleasant views of the lake from the apartment windows.

Further information:

SIA Elniko
Name of the project:
Gaiļezers residential complex, stage I
Type of construction:
Residential buildings
Aivars Kagainis
SIA Merks
Description of work:
New building
Līduma str, Gaiļezera str, Hipokrāta str, Riga
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Three 9-storey houses; 96 apartments