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Graanul’s 110kV connections at Imavere and Sõmerpalu substationsImavere, Järvamaa and Sõmerpalu, Võrumaa

In 2015, Europe’s largest wood granule producer Graanul Invest AS decided to connect the electrical systems at its Imavere and Osula plants to the 110kV grid of Estonia’s distribution system operator, Elering. To make this possible, Elering AS had to renovate its 110kV substations at Imavere and Sõmerpalu. As part of the project, Merko Infra AS designed and built the 110 kV connection point substations in Imavere and Sõmerpalu and connected them to the granule plants’ substations. While Osula Graanul power grid had been connected to the Sõmerpalu connection point by Merko in a previous project in 2014, the customer’s wishes regarding Imavere were to establish electrical connections for both the expanding granule plant and the new power plant with a 10MW power and 27 heat output capacity. To do so, the power plant’s substation and the power grid for the Imavere Granule Plant being expanded were established starting from the power plant’s 15 kV switchgear to the 0.4 kV technical equipment junction boxes. The project involved supplying, installing and activating 10MVA and 20MVA rated 110kV power transformers, 8 cell 15kV switchgear, five 2,500kVA 15/0.4kV transformers, about 12 km of medium-voltage cable and about 4 km of 0.4kV cables.

AS Graanul Invest, OÜ Imavere Energia, OÜ Osula Energia
Name of the project:
Graanul’s 110kV connections at Imavere and Sõmerpalu substations
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Merko Inrfa AS
Description of work:
New building
Imavere, Järvamaa and Sõmerpalu, Võrumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Power transformers 20MVA, 10MVA. Cable lines 4 km, 3 km