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Kindergarten and school buildings complex in PinkiJauna str 8, Pinki

The Latvian construction company SIA Merks has completed the construction of Exupéry International School in Piņķi, a suburban area located between Riga and Jurmala, in under a year. The new school accommodates 200 pupils and over 120 children in the kindergarten. The construction of the Exupéry International School building was carried out using the latest technologies and in compliance with classroom organisation and equipment principles, the effectiveness of which has already been demonstrated in leading European schools. The scope of works included construction of connected with common gallery 2-storey school and 3-storey kindergarten complex. A closed hallway connects the two-storey private school and kindergarten buildings. There is a gym and assembly hall in one building; the other circular building includes kindergarten space on the ground floor and a school on the first floor. There is a patio area for the kindergarten In the middle of the circular building. The total area of the private school is over 19,000 m² and the total floor space of the school buildings is over 6,500 m².

Name of the project:
Kindergarten and school buildings complex in Pinki
Type of construction:
Education, culture, sports buildings
Juris Lasis
SIA 8.A.M.
Description of work:
New building
Jauna str 8, Pinki
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Total area 19,000 m2; total floor area 6,500 m2