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Nurmevälja Logistics CentreVälja tee 1, Jõelähtme, Harjumaa

Nurmevälja logistics centre encompasses a logistics centre with a gross area of 23,000 m2, besides warehouse space, also manufacturing space contingent on special requirements, office, conference rooms, technical utility systems and other spaces. Aside from its modernity and energy efficiency, Nurmevälja logistics centre is special in that it is built into a limestone subsurface and, compared to conventional logistical centres, more attention has been devoted to the architectural solutions. The novel technological solutions used at the logistics centre will allow – to a greater extent than before – work to be automated, errors minimized and significantly greater trade volumes serviced in the same area. The centre’s energy efficiency is ensured by the heating system, which allows use of whichever fuel is lowest in cost at a given moment. Solar panels will be in parallel use for generating energy. The automated systems will also check the centre’s lighting and provide a way of administering the building from the outside.

Logistika Haldus OÜ
Name of the project:
Nurmevälja Logistics Centre
Type of construction:
Industrial buildings
Description of work:
New building
Välja tee 1, Jõelähtme, Harjumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Area under construction 19,897 m2; gross area 23,002 m2; height 13.7 m