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Office of Bank of EstoniaSakala str 6, Tallinn

The construction of this office building came about thanks to the changeover to the euro currency. The bank developed the need for an IT (information technology) security room. The size of the security room was 92.6 m2, UPS and electrical junction rooms were approximately 90 m2, the entire building was 2,092 m2. The security room also gained a few auxiliary rooms. The construction of the small office building was rendered complicated by the constant shortage of space. The part of the plot not taken up by the footprint of the building measured 300 m2, and it was to accommodate a tower crane, all of the materials, preparation of materials and concrete pumps and mixers. Because of the constricted conditions, construction on this building spanned approximately 11 months and it was handed over to the customer in early September 2006.

Eesti Pank
Name of the project:
Office of Bank of Estonia
Type of construction:
Business, office and administrative buildings
Aivo Schults
Description of work:
Sakala str 6, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Gross area 2,092 m2