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Paldiski 6kV substationPaldiski, Harjumaa

A new 6 kV substation was built as a turnkey project. It supplies power to all of the city of Paldiski – 2,900 households. In the course of the work, a modern two-storey substation building with access routes was constructed, 6 kV gas insulated switchgear along with relay protection and control equipment were installed for improving environmental and electrical safety, and the power cables in the immediate vicinity of the substation were replaced. Merko also performed all the connections and configurations as well as disassembling the old substation. The substation for Paldiski area is a key electrical hub that handles 25 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year and supplies 81 smaller substations with power.

Elektrilevi OÜ
Name of the project:
Paldiski 6kV substation
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Description of work:
Paldiski, Harjumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
6kV swichgear