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Port of PiirissaareTooni village, Piirissaare, Tartumaa

The port of Piirissaare, which was completed in July 2010, is located in the southern part of Lake Peipsi, in the middle of Piirissaare island, which is situated in Lämmijärv, and is connected with the lake by a 1.6 km long entry canal. The port is used during ice-free periods for keeping in touch with the port of Laaksaare (in Meeksi rural municipality, 50 km from Tartu) and for the sake of water tourism on Lake Peipsi. For ferryboats, the port has two berths, one of which is provided with hydraulic coastal ramp (40 t loading capacity) for loading and unloading vehicles. The port has 108 m of floating berths for small ships and a ramp. The guaranteed depth of the port’s water basin and entry canal is -2.0 m. Other shore installations worth mentioning are a comfortable port building for passengers and access to water and electricity on the berths.

AS Saarte Liinid
Name of the project:
Port of Piirissaare
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Port facilities
Description of work:
Tooni village, Piirissaare, Tartumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Length of berth 108 m