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Puhja 110 kV switchgearVihavu village, Puhja parish, Tartumaa

The need to establish a new 110kV distribution substation arose after the Tartu-Viljandi-Sindi 330/110kV overhead line was completed in 2014. In the course of the construction of the overhead line, a limited-throughput 3.5 km segment of old line extending to the old Puhja substation was left unrenovated and Elering decided to build a substation on this segment, 0.4 km from the new line. This decision allowed the substation to be built on a field, the advantage of which was the fact that the work did not have to be performed in immediate proximity of live electrical equipment. The drawback was that the electricity needed for construction had to be produced by a generator. The work encompassed design, selection of final equipment, laying around 50 modular foundations on the site, and construction of the control building. As part of the project, 0.4 km of the existing Puhja 110kV substation branch line was dismantled and replaced with a new two-circuit 110kV overhead line. In the course of the work, which lasted two weeks, new overhead line towers were installed and the cables were connected from the Tartu-Viljandi line to the new Puhja substation. After the substation was energized, transit between Tartu and Viljandi substations started flowing without restriction through the new Puhja substation.

Elering AS
Name of the project:
Puhja 110 kV switchgear
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Merko Inrfa AS/Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
Description of work:
New building
Vihavu village, Puhja parish, Tartumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
New switchgear with 110 kV air insulation