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Recreation and sports complex LaurenčiLaurenči - Puķu iela 4, Sigulda

Within the framework of the project, 1,480 metres of skiing track offering the possibility of an artificial snow-making machine was created, the central building of the sports and recreation complex was constructed, an auxiliary building was renovated, and a territory of 3.75 ha, including a car parking area, was created and landscaped. A 100 metre four-lane running track was constructed as well. This is a unique project in the Baltics, and this is the only refrigerated track of this type in Eastern Europe – a refrigerating system built under the pavement of the track ensures uninterrupted operation in changing weather conditions. The nearest track of this type is located in Finland. The track is 6 metres wide: 4 metres of pavement with the underlying refrigerating system, and a 2-metre zone covered with mulch for jogging and running during the summer. Under the asphalt, a built-in refrigerating unit will preserve snow during the summer for use the next autumn so that skiers can begin their sport before the winter season begins. The function of the track refrigerating system is to provide the right conditions for skiing in early autumn and late spring. Under the track there are plenty of power grids and refrigerating ducts; the system is similar to under-floor heating, except for the cold supply.

Sigulda District Council
Name of the project:
Recreation and sports complex Laurenči
Type of construction:
Education, culture, sports buildings
Arhitektes I. Kalveles birojs
Description of work:
New building
Laurenči - Puķu iela 4, Sigulda
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Total area recreation centre 302.5m²/service room 87.4m²