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Skanstes virsotnes 2nd houseSkanstes str 29, Rīga

”Skanstes virsotnes” are 24-storey residential building at the very heart of the city, Skanste – a place often called Riga of the future. They are beautiful buildings connected by a closed two-level car park, with playgrounds for children located on the landscaped roof. Each building ranging appartments from two to five rooms, with full finish, with an area of 67 to 160 m². The residential building complex ”Skanstes virsotnes” has already been called the most ambitious construction project of the new millennium in our capital so far. The new project is located in Riga’s Vidzeme suburb, between Ganību dambis and Kr. Valdemāra Street. There, Merks has undertaken a large-scale construction work of a new city block. A particular asset of this area will be the green zone that will take up more than four hectares.

SIA Merks
Name of the project:
Skanstes virsotnes 2nd house
Type of construction:
Residential buildings
Description of work:
New building
Skanstes str 29, Rīga
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Total area 14,639 m²