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Ülemiste 110 kV GIS substationKatusepapi 36c, Tallinn

Nearly simultaneously with the renovation of the substation, the customer also intended to build a 110 kV cable line between the Ülemiste and Lasnamäe substations in order to ensure better energy security to the region. The existing 110 kV switchgear was an AIS (air insulated switchgear). According to the procurement documentation, the new switchgear would be a GIS (gas insulated switchgear), a rather rare and more expensive solution in Estonia. This was the first 110 kV GIS-type switchgear for the Electrical Works Department of Merko, but irrespective of the complicated secondary unit, the construction went smoothly. On the side of the secondary unit, the 110 kV switchgears were linked to Siemens 35 and 6 kV switchgears. Owing to the short distances (in-house switchgear), only 16 km of signal cables were used and connected to 11,000 terminals. The object was delivered to the customer in February 2009, and now the Ülemiste region, including Tallinn Airport, have much better energy security.

OÜ Põhivõrk
Name of the project:
Ülemiste 110 kV GIS substation
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Description of work:
Katusepapi 36c, Tallinn
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