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Volta 110 kV substationTööstuse 52a, Tallinn

The reason for the Volta substation reconstruction was depreciated equipment and to some extent also the need to replace old Volta-Ranna 110 kV oil-filled cables. According to the reconstruction plan, the 6 kV substation of Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk and the 10 kV substation of Elering that were previously on two separate registered immovables were combined into one substation situated on one registered immovable of Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk. The new substation is fully automatic, controllable from a central control centre and fitted with easy-care equipment. There are new switchgears inside the substation: 110 kV GIS for Elering and 6 kV switchgear for EE Jaotusvõrk. Two lines of 110 kV cables for the substation power supply and 65 lines of 6 kV cables for energy distribution were buried in the ground. New water supply and sewerage, drainage system with oil separation, enclosure and service roads, security and fi re alarm system were established.

AS Elering
Name of the project:
Volta 110 kV substation
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Paavo Kais
Description of work:
Tööstuse 52a, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
110 kV GIS 7 bays