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Zaķusala (Hare Island)Zakusala, Riga

The project is developed in collaboration with Tritan Group AS (Norway). Zaķusala (Hare Island) is a unique part of Riga – stretching several tens of hectares wide in the middle of Daugava, at the very heart of the city. Merks, in collaboration with renowned architects and urban planners from Europe and North America, has designed a concept for the development of this site with an area of 12.6 hectares, with a proposal to create a hospitable entertainment, international business and conference venue, bound to become a popular place of recreation for residents of Latvia and visitors alike. Our plans in Zaķusala include the construction of residential and office buildings, as well as several hotels, providing their guests with an extensive range of choices, from cultural, entertainment and recreation options to health and fitness facilities and spas. The concept for the development of Zaķusala, designed by Norwegian architects, reflects traditions of Scandinavian design – refined architectural forms and asceticism. Located directly adjacent to the city centre, Zaķusala boasts easy accessibility. In this territory, Merks will be creating the entire utility network from the very beginning, including the network of streets. The work on the design of Zaķusala project is ongoing.

Name of the project:
Zaķusala (Hare Island)
Type of construction:
Business, office and administrative buildings
Description of work:
New building
Zakusala, Riga