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The City of Tallinn praised Merko Ehitus


On the basis of the control raids carried out from April up to December 2008 AS Merko Ehitus turned out to be the best construction company in Tallinn with the most correct construction site, Tallinn City Government notified.

According to Deniss Boroditš, vice mayor of Tallinn, the aim of the competition is to control the upkeep of construction objects, draw the attention of the constructors to the property maintenance problems and find out the best and most correct construction site in Tallinn. “The maintained construction sites decrease considerably the ground taken to the city streets, the garbage flying from the construction object and avoid the occurrence of dust of high quantity in the city by guaranteeing thus the secure, healthy and maintained living environment for the citizens and tourists,” Boroditš stated.

The objects of AS Merko Ehitus (construction of apartment building/commercial building at Kentmanni str 6 and the construction of Tallink office building at Sadama street) were controlled in six control raids. “The example of the construction site with the best property maintenance was the office building of Tallink to be established by AS Merko Ehitus. The territory of the construction object was surrounded with the peripheries and the transfer of dust to the road and footway was avoided,” Boroditš noted. “The information board on the constructor and the traffic scheme regulating the traffic of pedestrians were installed to the object according to the property maintenance rules of the City of Tallinn. Both the building materials and domestic waste were correctly stored, the access roads of the object were kept in order and cleaned and the tyres of the vehicles leaving the object were washed.”

In 2008 the construction objects were assessed twelve times and the committee controlled the maintenance of the eighteen construction objects at different times. In termination of each inspection the committee chose the construction company with the best construction site of the control raid.

At the control raids most attention of the constructors was drawn to the cleaning need of the access roads, need of correct storage of building materials and domestic waste, preservation need of vegetation and high vegetation, obligation of washing of vehicles’ wheels and using of cargo covers, requirements of storing of materials and restricting of the dust and dirt spreading from the sites.