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Topping-out event held at Maakri Kvartal high-rise building


The full 30-storey height of the Maakri Kvartal high-rise building has been reached 110 metres from the ground level. On 30 June, the owner of the Maakri Kvartal, Olav Miil, braved stormy weather to saw through a symbolic wreath that had towered over the city, following which participants gathered on the 24th floor for what is locally known as a rafter party. The construction on Maakri Kvartal is being performed up to final completion by AS Merko Ehitus Eesti and financed by OP Bank. The construction will be complete in spring 2018.

Instead of the current twin towers, people arriving in Tallinn by sea will see triplet towers towering in the skyline. “The construction of new skyscrapers in Tallinn isn’t due to lack of real estate, it’s because the capital city deserves them for their grandeur,” said the owner Olav Miil. The owner went on to praise the construction and project team, who he said have been successful despite complicated construction conditions in the downtown environment and specific requirements that exist for high-rise structures.

“Ever increasing interest on the rental market is a sign that the EUR 50 million investment was made in the right place. Over half of the space to let has now been leased out,” said the Maakri project manager Jaan Erelt. The Maakri team leader said that a number of large office buildings had been built away from the city centre in recent years. “Yet the actual expectation on the part of many companies is to be situated in the densely built up central area, where all of the urban values are within reach,” said Erelt.

“As long traditions dictate, the topping-out party is the customer’s way of passing a positive judgment on the construction side. Thus we have reason today to congratulate the site team and all of the partners in cooperation who have contribute to this project making progress. The wreath on the rafters affirms that we have all passed through this important stage and the building has a roof over it now. We can now continue with the interior work inside Tallinn’s newest high-rise building,” said the chairman of AS Merko Ehitus Eesti management board, Keit Paal.

Maakri Kvartal business complex consists of a total of seven buildings: A 30-storey high-rise, a 10-storey building and a 4-storey structure. Four 3 to 4-storey architectural monuments from the early 20th century will also be renovated. Maakri Kvartal has a total of almost 36,000 m² of gross space, including 21,500 m² commercial space to let. The lead architect is Rasmus Tamme of ARS Projekt.