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Toyota opens region’s most advanced car dealership in Narva Business Park


On Friday in Narva Business Park, ELKE Grupp held the grand opening for Estonia’s most advanced Toyota sales and service centre. The facility cost 2.5 million euros and employs 13 people. This full-service automotive centre was built by Merko.

The dealership’s managing director Valdik Uski noted that Narva and all of north-eastern Estonia is a fast-developing and high-potential region with demand for high level of services and sufficient qualified workforce to offer these services.

“Estonia’s best-selling make of car in recent years, Toyota, is also highly valued in Ida-Viru County, which has led to high demand for service at the dealership level,” said Uski. “Customers are already highly interested in Toyota’s Narva centre now and I believe we can put our activities to work for the development of the entire region.” The technology we use is state of the art and I think our customer service is at the same level.”

In the coming years, the plans are to increase the staff size to 25 to offer the numerous customers in the region better than ever service and educated youth an opportunity to put their abilities to work in their home region, and develop even further.
The dealership started recruiting new employees in the summer and with a few exceptions, all the new hires are local. They first underwent several months of training and an internship.

Keit Paal, the chairman of the management board of AS Merko Ehitus, which handled construction of the new car dealership complex, said cooperation went smoothly and productively. “This is already the latest of a number of Toyota dealerships we have built and I’m glad we were able to bring this beloved brand closer to Ida-Viru county’s people, too. As a long-time Toyota customer, we here at Merko can say that the values of our two brands align – we both put quality and durability at the forefront,” said Paal.

The new Toyota centre with interactive solutions was built in the Narva business park in Olgina, which has about 1,600 square metres of service floor space. It’s a dealership that offers full service and the entire selection of Toyota models.