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Merko as employer

Merko Ehitus employs more than 750 people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway, including office staff, project managers and on-site team members. Consummately experienced professionals are the company’s key value.

The group’s personnel policy supports achievement of the company’s goals, ensuring sustainability of the organisation and management, staying competitive, maintaining and increasing the value of the organisation and constant development of competence.

Experienced professionals are the company’s key strength.

We develop responsible management throughout the organisation, guided by company strategy, management system, applicable law, ethical values and good organisation management practice. We treat employees as partners, involving them in the decision-making process and perceiving that the right to make decisions includes responsibility. We support people’s achievement of their professional goals and the advancement of their career in the company by encouraging existing employees to apply for vacant or new positions within the company. We ensure an adequate, fair and competitive salary that complies with the contribution of the employee and a motivation package.

We provide employees with conditions for professional development and career opportunities by supporting studies and acquisition of professional knowledge and experience. We support our employees for developing their competence and skills.

Health and safety

Creating a safe working environment for well trained, healthy and motivated employees, both in offices and on construction sites, has always been an important aspect in the operations of the group’s construction companies. Pre-construction risk analysis remains constantly in focus, aimed at identifying common protection needs of site workers, measures and requirements for use of personal protection equipment. Basic and supplementary training in the field of occupational health and safety forms part of our personnel policy. Training provides knowhow and skills that enables to prevent risks, analyse them and find the most suitable technical and economic solutions. The management system for occupational health and safety that was certified in 2004 and complies with the OHSAS 18001 standard allows to effectively monitor working environment in construction sites and offices. Basic and supplementary training has always been available for inspectors to guarantee their competence.

Periodic health inspection provided by the occupational health partner to assess work-related risk factors helps to prevent employee health problems, plan safer working environments or, with the partial support of the company, to allow employees to use the necessary health rehabilitation measures. Additionally, the company organises for its employees free vaccinations and, naturally, provides its on-site personnel with comfortable compliant work clothes and footwear.

A balanced personal life and a healthy way of living provide a counterbalance to stressful work. In order to promote recreational sports and to maintain working ability we pay our employees sports and health allowance. Additionally, Merko has for more than ten years contributed to the development of Estonian health trails – today more than hundred health trails all across Estonia are available for use free of charge for all Merko employees as well as everyone else.

Personnel development and recognition

Work at Merko demands great responsibility but also offers variety, new challenges and opportunities for study and development. We value and support employees’ personal development, offer various training courses internally and externally both as team training and individual study.

We celebrate together with our employees their personal events and company events welcome the employees together with their spouses or guests and family events welcome the whole family. We offer additional benefits in the form of holiday days to our long-time employees. We highly value teamwork and a strong sense of team identity.