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The business strategy of AS Merko Ehitus subsidiaries is focussed on improving profitability and enhancing the efficiency of the cost base, offering general contracting services in the field of construction of buildings and infrastructure facilities and developing residential real estate in its home markets Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Considering the weak growth perspective of the Baltic construction and real estate market in the coming few years, the overall low interest environment and the company’s high equity base, the strategy and the financial objectives are focussed on improving the return on invested capital and increasing the efficiency of the balance structure.

The objectives are based on the following assumptions concerning the external environment:

  • The Baltic construction market will not experience considerable growth in the coming two years;
  • The share of public procurements in construction contracts will remain high, but their volume will temporarily decrease as of the second half of 2013 due to the end of the current EU funding period. On the whole, the financial resources allocated to economy will remain at the same level in the new EU funding period (2014-2020), but the structure thereof will change. The activity of private clients in developing and launching larger construction projects will recover slowly.
  • The number of service providers in the construction sector exceeds the demand and there is still a surplus capacity of property, plant and equipment. The tightening competition in the construction market puts increasing pressure on the profit margins of construction companies.
  • The Baltic apartment market will continue to see a moderate growth in transaction activity and prices, particularly in capital cities.

The long-term financial objectives of AS Merko Ehitus cover the period until 2018 and will be reviewed annually based on the market situation, the company’s financial standing and strategy:

  • The minimum period average return on equity (ROE): 10%
  • Dividend pay-out ratio: 50-70% of the annual profit
  • Equity ratio: at least 40%