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Business segments

The group operates mainly in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Norwegian market through its subsidiaries. Depending on the country, the group offers construction services and real estate development services across the following business segments: Estonian construction service (incl. construction services on project basis in Finland), other home markets construction service (incl. construction services in Latvia, Lithuania and Norway) and real estate development. The structure of the group’s business segments matches the group’s management structure.


All Estonian construction projects, including general construction, civil engineering, electricity,
external networks and road construction, as well as concrete works and construction services on project basis in Finland.


All general construction works in Latvia, Lithuania and Norway, as well as civil engineering and electricity construction services in Latvia.


Residential real estate development and construction of joint venture projects, long-term real estate investments and commercial real estate projects in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Under the segment of construction services, Merko offers full service as prime contractor – i.e., project management starting from mapping customer needs, preparing a solution and price estimate to comprehensively executing the solution. The site team is staffed from a pool of more than 750 professionals, and based on the complexity and size of the project, the site team is supported by a strong back-office, encompassing worksite safety, quality control, budgeting and design teams. We are orientated to professional and quality results, and our customer relationships are built on openness, honesty, concreteness, accuracy and punctuality, and keeping our end of agreements.


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Construction of different buildings, from commercial and office buildings, retail and entertainment centres to public sector and residential and specialised industrial buildings.


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We perform all types of civil engineering work: ports, transport and road infrastructure. Our competence also ranges to landfill areas, water treatment plants and complicated energy installations.


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We offer comprehensive service: road construction along with related infrastructure construction, roadwork and scheduled maintenance.