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Civil engineering

Merko builds all types of key infrastructure facilities in Estonia and Latvia, offering engineering and construction service in the fields of both electrical and road construction and utility networks. Engineering construction covers port, waste handling and road infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, overpasses, roads), electrical installations up to 330 kV, various environmental protection engineering work, drinking water and waste water treatment facilities, water and sewerage mains built using both open and closed methods, and various other engineering and technical sites. Complicated and unique engineering sites require specific knowledge and good cooperation between customers and local governments, both of which Merko possesses.


Merko electrical work mainly involves engineering, configuration and construction of medium- and high-voltage substations and power lines. Merko has an electrical work project management team with years of experience and a wealth of specialized competence. Merko has a history of good cooperation with local and international clients.


Merko performs design and construction of water, sewerage and gas pipelines, installation of sewage pumping stations and construction and renovation of storm water systems. The goal is supported by a professional engineering team,  modern equipment and software.

Some of the engineering segment projects that deserve to be highlighted are the design and construction of the Tallinn airport tram line infrastructure, the Ülemiste, Loo-Maardu  and Puurmani junctions, the Muuga Coal Terminal, the extension of the Smuuli road, Ämari Air Base traffic area and the rain water drainage for the Ülemiste crossing, also the water treatment plant of City of Narva, design and renovation of the infrastructure of Tallinn tram line no. 4 and the closing of industrial waste and semi-coke landfill in Kohtla-Järve. In Latvia, Merko has built Skulte port and Murjani bridge; in Lithuania, the water and sewage treatment facilities for four towns in Neringa.

The largest electrical construction sites in Estonia have been Kiisa Emergency backup power station, Jõhvi-Ida 35/6 kV substation, the installation of a 450kV land cable for the Estonian-Finnish Estlink 2 cable, the high and medium-voltage work at the Iru power plant’s WTE unit, the reconstruction of the Keila 110kV substation, construction of the Kiisa substation 10kV, 110kV, 330kV connection points and the Aruküla 330/110/20kV substation, replacement of the Ülemiste junction’s 110kV overhead line with a ground cable, and electrical work for Enefit-280 and Ämari Air Base. In Lithuania in 2015 was completed the NORDBALT HVDC Connection – Klaipeda station.

Work that should be highlighted are also the installation of pipeline using directional drilling, with a good example being laying water pipeline for the pumping station at Tondi street 90 and reconstruction  of the pressurized collector for Sindi-Pärnu. Other important works in this field were the construction of water and sewerage utility lines of Vääna-JõesuuMatsalu sub-basin, Sillamäe and Kehra city, extensions of water and sewerage lines in the town of Pärnu and Valga, construction on the Aia Street promenade of the Narva-Jõesuu beach area, including design and construction of the street lighting and design and construction work for the renovation and expansion of the Narva-Jõesuu public water supply and sewerage pipelines. In Latvia, Merko has accomplished infrastructure works of Mežaparks area and Augusta Deglava Street dumps technical design, supervision and construction in Riga and in Lithuania extension of water supply and waste water networks in Avižieniai Subdistrict.


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