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Road construction

Merko offers various road maintenance work services: road construction, maintenance repair of roads and supervision of excavation work and the condition of roads, provision of repair services for machinery. Since 2002, the group includes the company Tallinna Teede AS, which performs project management and provides workforce for all road maintenance countrywide, builds road structures, performs maintenance repair, road surface dressing and supervision of excavation and road condition in Tallinn, and provides repair services for machinery. The company also owns an asphalt production plant.

Of work performed, highlights are the construction of Ülemiste junction in Tallinn, where 7.5 km of new roads and 1.2 km of renovation roads were developed, along with 5.35 km of new and 1.65 of renovated pedestrian and bicycle routes. A total of 155,000 m² of bituminous concrete pavement was installed at Ülemiste junction. Construction of Juuliku road junction and road section at Tallinn roundabout , where 9 km of roads were reconstructed and two new viaducts and bridges were built– and work performed under the maintenance contract for Tallinn streets and roads were also major projects.


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