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General Meeting of Shareholders

The Company’s highest governing body is the General Meeting of Shareholders, the authorities of which are regulated by legislation and the articles of association of the Company. The general meeting of shareholders decides, among others, the appointment and recall of members of the Supervisory Board, appointment of the auditor and approval of the results of the financial year, the payment of dividends. The annual general meeting of shareholders is held at least once a year and shall approve the annual report within six months of the end of the financial year.

In accordance with the Commercial Code, its Articles of Association and Good Governance Code, AS Merko Ehitus calls the annual and extraordinary general meeting of shareholders by notifying the shareholders through the Tallinn Stock Exchange and by publishing a meeting call in one national daily newspaper at least 3 weeks in advance. The general meeting shall be held at the place shown in the notice, on a working day and between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., enabling most of the shareholders to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Before their publication, agendas at annual and extraordinary general meetings of the company’s shareholders are approved by the Supervisory Board that shall also present to the general meeting subjects for discussion and voting. Agenda items of the general meeting, recommendations of the Supervisory Board with relevant explanations, procedural guidance for participation in the general meeting and how and when new agenda items can be proposed are published together with the notice on calling the general meeting.

General meetings can be attended by any shareholder or his or her authorised representative. AS Merko Ehitus does not allow participation in general meetings by electronic means of communication equipment since the deployment of reliable solutions for the identification of shareholders some of whom live abroad, while ensuring the privacy of participating shareholders, would be too complicated and costly. No picture taking or filming is allowed at the general meeting, because it may disturb the privacy of shareholders.

Annual and extraordinary general meeting of shareholders shall be chaired by an independent person. On behalf of the company, usually the Chairman of the Management Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board shall participate in the General Meeting of AS Merko Ehitus, and if necessary, other members of the Management and Supervisory Boards shall be involved. If necessary, the company’s auditor shall participate.