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Management Board

The Management Board is a governing body which represents and manages AS Merko Ehitus in its daily activities in accordance with the law and the Articles of Association. The Management Board has to act in the most economically purposeful manner, taking into consideration the best interests of all shareholders and ensures the company’s sustainable development in accordance with set objectives and strategy. To ensure that the company’s interests are met in the best way possible, the Management and Supervisory Boards shall extensively collaborate.

At least once a month, a joint meeting of the members of the Supervisory and Management Boards shall take place, in which the Management Board shall inform the Supervisory Board of significant issues regarding the company’s business operations, the fulfilment of the company’s short and long-term goals and the risks impacting them. For every meeting of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board shall prepare a management report and submit it well in advance of the meeting so that the Supervisory Board can study it. The Management Board prepares reports for the Supervisory Board also in between the meetings, if it is considered necessary by the Supervisory Board or its Chairman.

Andres Trink

Chairman of the Management Board

Tõnu Toomik

Member of the Board

AS Merko Ehitus continues with a two-member Management Board: Andres Trink (Chairman of the Management Board) and Tõnu Toomik (Member of the Management Board). The responsibilities of Andres Trink, Chairman of the Management Board, include, among others, fulfilling daily obligations of the CEO of AS Merko Ehitus, managing and representing the company, ensuring compliance with the Articles of Association, legal acts, organising the work of the Management Board and supervisory boards of the more important subsidiaries, coordinating the development of strategies and providing for their implementation, being responsible for business development and finance. Tõnu Toomik is responsible for the management of the portfolio of properties and coordination of construction segment development activities across the whole group.

The procedure and principles of remuneration of Management Board members are approved by the Supervisory Board.


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