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Ethical business practices

Ethical business operations are a key to our success. By complying with high ethical principles we promote profitable growth, increase our stakeholders’ trust and support fair competition and equality. Merko does not tolerate corruption in any of its forms.

code of business ethics

Business integrity is important to us and we expect our employees, customers and cooperation partners to adhere to ethical business practices in their everyday work. The Code of Business Ethics gives employees guidelines for acting on behalf of AS Merko Ehitus and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Read the ethical business principles and the full text of the Code of Business Ethics of AS Merko Ehitus group. 


If you witness or feel that an employee of Merko has acted in conflict with legal acts, ethical business practices or the Code of Business Ethics of Merko, you should report the incident in order to prevent the continuation of unethical conduct and potential damage to the company. Read the business ethics handbook, which provides a more detailed overview of the incidents given as examples, and of conduct recommended by us.

Read why it is essential to report suspicions or concrete information and how the process of analysing reports is organised. 

reporting channels

Employees, other parties cooperating with Merko and third parties can report their suspicions concerning incidents of unethical conduct via various channels. All the reports will be analysed by an independent cooperation partner. The reporting and information analysis system ensures security, confidentiality and, should the reporting party so wish, anonymity.

Read about the information that needs to be forwarded to give a substantive report and which channels can be used for forwarding it